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Club Assembly - RAC Balaju

Club Assembly
2012-03-31 / 2012-03-31  |  
Venue : Rigel Co-operative, New Baneswor
Objectives : 1. To discuss the general direction of the Club 2. To discuss the goals and events of the Club over the coming year. 3. The idea of the club assembly is to receive input in planning from all club members.


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A Club Assembly is to be considered a separate part to a general meeting. Therefore, along with induction of two new members the Club Assembly of Rotaract Club of Balaju was held on  31st March, 2012 at Rigel Co-operative New Baneshwor.. The Club Assembly was one of most crucial meeting, where each members were given their time to speak and so so the agreed resolutions were passed as well. The Club Assembly of Rotaract Club of Balaju  is guided by the idea that the club run for the members and with goals and events that are directed by the members. All members were encouraged to write down suggestions of areas the Club could work on or specific projects that could be included in the Club’s annual calendar.




1.      To discuss the general direction of the Club

2.      To discuss the goals and events of the Club over the coming year.

3.      The idea of the club assembly is to receive input in planning from all club members.


The CLUB ASSEMBLY and INDUCTION OF NEW MEMBERS of Rotaract Club of Balaju was held as follows:

Induction of New Members:
As per schedule of, the meeting, two of new members, Sunil Dugar and Prashant Aryal were to be inducted formally as the member of the club. They firstly submitted the, membership form and membership profile, and after approving it, President Rtr. Reshu performed oath taking ceremony. Later they were welcomed by giving club pin and identity cards and a round of applause.

Club Assembly :
After the induction of new members, Rtr. Reshu gave briefing about Club Assembly and shared a summary note on Club Assembly compiled by Rtr. Shreejana.

             i.      Goal of the Year:
As per the goal of the year, Rac Balaju has already issued its very first Bulletin on Charter Presentation Day. Rtr. Reshu quoted that, such other goals were to be formed on next tenure and give continuity to Club Bulletin.

             ii.      Members putting forward their views, ideas, and agendas

1.      Rtr. Shreejana, put forward her two of agendas regarding, Reporting, and Awards in Club. She shared that, activity reports, minutes and treasure’s report are to be submitted, edited and passed timely. For this Rac Balju can have a special meeting at the end of every 3 months, where such documents are passed and documented properly, so that there would be transparency and no hassle at the last moment. Besides, she also insisted on having an award ceremony at the end of the Year, recognizing Best Member, which would motivate the members.

2.      Rtr. Bijay and Rtr. Rachana highlighted on proper distribution of task, duties and responsibilities on each project so that it would not be burden to particular member.

3.       Besides that, Rtr. Bijay also shared that on Rota Year, 2012/13, Rac Balaju would host a District Event, particularly District Conference, and all the members are requested to co-operate to make it a grand one. He also discussed about the bidding form that was to be submitted as per the procedure.

b.      Passing the resolution:
After much discussion and, all the members agreed upon passing few agendas which was announced by Rtr. Reshu as follows:

                                                              i.      Reporting:
As per the need, project reports, minutes and treasurer’s report will be passed on a special meeting at the end of every three months.

                                                            ii.      Award:
Members will be recognized with 2 of the Award, Best Member Award and Best Project Report Award which will be handed over on the occasion of Installation ceremony.

                                                          iii.      Hosting District Event:
Regarding District events, all members seemed to be co-operative and positive so, Rtr. Reshu welcomed the idea and hence requested members to make proper planning for it.

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